Lyne: Hi dede.just wanted to thank you for  hosting and organizing the clinic. Very cool saddle tree! Interesting  to watch the first mare work thru the resistences. I bet she slept well that night. I would love to learn more about the body work that Betsy does but have already played with the,tail pull exercise.

Eowyn: I enjoyed the opportunity to hear about a horse that was rehabbed and be reminded of how all the muscles in the horse connect to one another and how impingement on one will manifest itself in a variety of ways.  I also liked hearing about the advances in saddle trees and how the traditional saddles work vs.Tad's.  It was a real treat to see him ride.

Anne: I learned so much at the clinic. Betsy Novotny presented a wealth of knowledge and while I won't remember the names of the muscles, it was fascinating to learn how they work together. Her simple exercises to help horses become more flexible looked so easy to do. A special pleasure was listening to my daughter--also an animal science major at the University of Maryland--and you reminiscing about your experiences there. Thank you, Betsy.

Tad Coffin was, to me, even more fascinating as he presented the various iterations of the saddle tree over time and passed around the samples. It was amazing to see how little the tree had changed over many, many years and his explanations about how the rigid saddle trees impeded the horses' movement--and even more important how they caused the horses discomfort. That discomfort had led to all sorts of behaviors, which have been attributed to the horses' bad attitudes.

It was amazing to see how using the Tad Coffin saddle has led to all kinds of horses having the same relaxed attitude. It almost seemed that with picture after picture with different horses and different riders, it seemed that they could all have been stacked together and it would be a uniform match. I was especially touched when I could see my daughter's wonderful Percheron Morgan cross become even more relaxed and willing when Tad rode her with one of his saddles. Thank you, Tad.

Thank you, Dede, for the wonderful clinic. It was the first one I've attended but after my experience at this one, I look forward to attending many more.

Boarding at Windcrest Farm

Jim Vaughn: I would board at WindCrest Farm in a heartbeat, but I'm down to one forever aged mare (Lawn ornament), and live too far away! Wind Crest was always so peaceful, and in such gorgeous surroundings. It is what kept me grounded when I lived out east.

Tad Coffin & Betsy Novotny Clinic