Kate Breiner - head rider

  • Spring (Concerto # 1 In e Major, Rv 269)/ Allegro/Largo/Allegro9:26
  • Taking Chances2:24

Kate is a dedicated trainer and instructor who is focused on creating lightness and harmony in both horse and rider.  She spent ten years as a working student/assistant trainer for multiple Gold Medal trainers where she had the opportunity to work with horses from birth to Grand Prix.  She feels fortunate to have had training in both the German and Classical/Baroque systems. Kate is a USDF Bronze Medal recipient working toward her Silver and Gold medals.

Kate's training and teaching style begins with relaxation of horse and rider.  When the rider is relaxed confident and able to maintain an effective position in the saddle, they easily foster a rapport with their horse that allows the training to become fun and effortless.  Training of the horse rests upon developing a trusting and respectful relationship.  Kate believes this begins with groundwork to develop relaxation, confidence and body awareness, followed by balanced riding in the arena and cross training.  Most importantly, both horses and riders must be allowed to learn at their own pace and the training system is adjusted to best fit the individual.

Kate spends as much tie as possible with her wonderful son and their three dogs.  She has a degree in Government an International Politics an has worked for many years in the Virginia Wine Industry.

Dede Brierbrauer- "R" Judge - trainer and instructor through FEI.  Davida's introduction to the equestian world began as a junior rider in the show jumping arena.  She attended many training sessions for juniors sponsored by the USET on several sponsored horses belonging to various business and individuals.  Dede was fortunate to ride under the training and coaching of John Russell (US Olympic Team member) plus she competed for several years in the United States at all major shows in the Junior Jumper division.  The opportunity arose for her to go to Germany where she was presented with a letter of introduction to Fritz Thiedemann - coach for the German Olympic Jumping Team and the only individual to win medals at the Olympic Games in both Dressage and Show Jumping.

Peter came to the United States from Germany in 1972. While in Germany he worked for one of the largest riding clubs specializing in combined training, show jumping, and field hunting.  

Through the former breeding program at WindCrest farm, Peter developed his love of young horses and their training, including ground work and long lining.  He strongly believes  this training enhances the communication between a horse and trainer as well as creating good natural balance by establishing rhythm, trust, and confidence.  Peter has worked with over 40 premium horses of all ages both at the farm and at major shows such as Devon.

Peter has a gift of helping horses and riders to relax, and he is the master at helping riders gain self confidence.

Peter Bierbrauer - Head Trainer on the Ground

She became Heir Thiedemanns apprentice for nine years and quickly realized the importance of Dressage - which is the basics of all riding in Europe.  Dressage became Dede's obsession and was encouraged by Heir Thiedemann to further her Dressage education by training with Georg Wahl and Herbert Rehbein allowing her to compete in both Dressage and Show Jumping in the European show circuit.  She had the fortune to ride and comopete many fine European and American horses belonging to coaches and clients.  Davida competed the levels of FEI Dressage and FEI Show Jumping.  "The more I learned and experienced the more I knew that I had only scratched the surface of the learning scale!  Those nine, wonderful years helped to set my goals, which governed my life". Upon returning to the United States she studied and trained under Bengt Ljungquist - coach of the United States Dressage Team, Peter Kjellerup of Denmark and Nico Van Stight from Holland.  Daida focuses her energies on her family, clients, students and furthering the development of good horsesmanship rather than the fast pace of the competitive world.  She represents a generation of riders and trainers wh learned, then practiced and now teach the classical principles that cannot be improved by some of the contemporary methods.  Dede earned her "R" judges license and has been judging since 1970.  She married Peter in1980 where they began the WindCrest Farm and a family with the birth of their daughter, Erika in 1981.


"If success is to be obtained in training, the highest standard of understanding must be reached between horse and rider."  As riders and trainers, our education is never finished, only enhanced by each horse we have the privilege to ride.  We must teach and train with a light heart, open mindedness, and above all, humility.  As instructors we must have various goals.  To be successful we should strive to develop each horse to its fullest potential and have enough knowledge and understanding to know when that horse has reached it. In addition we must ensure that our students have the skills, and the confidence to be self sufficient and to continually build upon their knowledge of the basics.

Davida Bierbrauer- head instructor