All lesson and training programs are designed around the individual needs of each rider and their horse.  We teach, train and encourage all rider to become independent thinkers and work to gain the knowledge and skills to bring their horses along in their training.  Knowledge is power - and the more riders become independent in their minds and bodies - the further and quicker they progress in their goals!  We stress that all programs are created to help each horse and rider combination to meet their potential.  

We have programs which are for our full time clients which does include board and allows for a deduction of our hourly lesson/training fees, therefore making it more affordable.  These are private lessons.  Our programs also include many "fun activities" such as working on Freestyles, Quadrilles and going on field trips.

We offer lessons and training for those wishing to trailer over to WindCrest and our instructors will teach off property as well.  Plus you may choose programs which offer lessons and training on a weekly or short term basis.  There are additional stalls kept aside for short term clients or those coming in for clinics....which is especially beneficial for horses preparing to compete at the next level!

WindCrest offers full training for the horse and is designed for owners wanting their horse to compete as they are gaining confidence to "take over the reins"!  We help riders become confident by making the horse confident at competitions  with an experienced rider!  An added bonus is that we offer lunge lessons on your horse or ours to build a strong, effective seat and aids.

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The importance of the individual who begins the training of your young horse cannot be emphasized enough.  We have staff who specializes in the training of the young horses.  Much like children the horse is like an open book with empty pages, a blank slate, and the future of this horse depends on how well the introduction to their education is done.  WindCrest Farm has a program designed with the beginning extensive ground work - the art of lunging, longlines, then progresses to under saddle all done by keeping in mind the individuality of each horse!  A well designed program is executed with respect to the basic temperament and maturity or immaturity of each horse.  The goal is to mold a confident, brave and willing partner.  We provide a variety of programs for the young horse from initial handling, beginning training and under saddle, to hacking quietly and trailering to unfamiliar places for a good experience away from home.  We also offer a program to prepare the young horse for under saddle classes a well as the performance classes.

We feel it is important that owners participate in these programs along with their horse.  You will be able to watch the process and by the end of the program you will have confidence in going forward with your horse.  The key to success is quiet, patient work!  Therefore, the first week is a time used to evaluate your horse, and get to know their personality and maturity.  From there we plan an individual training program.   In addition you get the opportunity to discuss your riding experience and goals you may have with your horse.  This is important so we can help you progress along with your horse once the initial training is established.  Remember, this is a partnership!  We must emphasize that a short time with a good trainer is more cost effective in bringing the horse along with tune-ups or instructions along the way.  You and your horse need to come along together!  We will give the horse, and you, the good basics needed for continued success!!  We will always be available to help you with your goals through other training or lesson programs available at WindCrest Farm.

Lesson and Training Programs

Young Horse Program